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A Hospital Cash Insurance policy is supplementary to your Health Policy.

Hospital Cash Insurance Policy is not a Health Policy, it is a daily cash benefit insurance which helps you meet miscellaneous expenses during hospitalisation which are not even covered by regular health insurance.
Hospital Cash Insurance and Health Insurance are not the same. The compensation provided by Hospital Cash Insurance does not cover the cost of medical treatment. While a Health Insurance policy only covers the cost of medical treatment incurred by the policy holder, Hospital Cash acts as supplementary to health insurance as it provides cash benefit aimed towards:Special diet expenses of the patientTo and fro conveyance from hospital and backExtra bed for person staying with the patient
Instant benefit available by opting for a Hospital Cash Insurance is a Saving in Income Tax. Premium paid for getting Hospital Cash Insurance is eligible for tax deduction as per Section 80D of Income Tax
A Hospital Cash Plan is available to persons between the age of 1 year and 60 years at the commencement date of the Policy. Renewal is accepted up to 70 years.
This cover is available for Self, Spouse, Dependant Children and Dependant Parents.
This policy also provides daily benefit for hospitalization due to terror attacks.
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