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French insurance market analysis

French insurance market analysis

Insurance market in France is complex because of the legal structure and competitiveness of their own as well as the methods and traditions of the French themselves, but as Menanteau Jean - Pierre explains, if the insured customer service and innovation seriously, you can do. serious progress forward.

In a complex environment, French companies have only one solution available to them if they want to keep their customers and that is the invention.With € 200 billion of insurance premiums in 2009 (77% in 23% of general insurance), the second largest market in Europe after France's insurance Great Britain and Germany before the insurer assets totaling € 1.62bn in France ( € 1.25. billion of insurance).Life has a market share of 60% and 10% of the market in the gut represents a 7% market share that life with 35% in the digestive tract, while the market share of brokers' is 14% and 18% in the gastrointestinal tract. A direct 16% of the market in life, but only 2% in the gastrointestinal tract, and even if it represents a common 33%. The GI does not have any significant impact in the way of life. Other distribution channels (including telephone and internet) and market share of 3% and 2% in the gastrointestinal tract.Long life.Life can be better described as the French market, with only a small percentage of policyholders in the digestive tract, France and the life of the insured, you go bankrupt in the last 65 years, the company has a very small and thin. parts of society in the digestive tract that is attempts to penetrate the foreign market.

 History of the French legal system and culture of their own can in some way to explain how the complexity of the industry and why some succeed where others fail. First time in the history of France and the legal system is essentially the same: the choice of the 'Roman Empire created a Ehgacarm scientific fact. Without the knowledge and experience on the forum · You can not develop a stable and profitable insurance business.The original problem.The insurance market is the impact of World War II in the nineties, in 1945 and 1946 financial groups over 1 billion francs of government with few exceptions, including the ancestors of the Aviva companies grouped into three. groups: the Union des certifications de Paris, Assurance Generale de France, and GAN.Steam was eventually bought by AXA in 1996 after the acquisition of foreign Victoire Victoire AGF While Union Commerce acquisition in 1994 was acquired by Allianz and GAN. by Groupama in 1998 following Credit Mutuel - because of the need for fiscal consolidation - Societe Generale and the danger of a relationship. However, competition between the CEO and the CEO of an insurance company that is buying the banking sector banking. Launch operations are concentrated from the beginning of the century of life and is trying to develop in the digestive tract.

 Bank stall.However, banks have difficulty in developing a food industry to enter the market of their lives. This can be explained by the influence of shareholders, which showed that the growth of large motor and household insurance in early 1960 at a lower cost mutual and lower prices. For the same reason, direct marketing is not indicative of the growing disparities in France, the United Kingdom the price difference is only a small percentage and is generally not enough to convince people to change their insurance. it. As a result, competition is fierce, with more services and products.The French insurance market has seen mergers and acquisitions in the United States or Britain ° The reason for this lies in the structure of the market. Life insurance with a player and a few large banks.demutualization is not possible.As in most countries, insurance companies, the combined activities of their members. But the French are different in structure, sharing a common set, in fact, the assets of former members of the community of present and future. It 'so easy to pay a membership fee at the time. It 'very difficult to pay them in the past or the future. The only option is to merge the companies together with each other and form a group together. The legal instrument that allows them to develop cross-border But in France, is a private company can not purchase one.

Another possibility is to 'include' was used by the AXA Claude Bebear, and this was done by members of the mutual company and the transfer of part or all of the portfolios. its affiliates.The company specializes in GI, are attempting to enter the insurance market with great success, because it is difficult for their sales force to a different product.They deserve the position.Allianz, Generali, Aviva or - and they deserve their position in the market.Aviva has supported afer since its creation in 1976 and helped lead the market afer a non-profit organization created to provide members with coverage purchased. Their products with the same name, which leads the market as competitors are forced to copy as much of it as possible. It 'a policy that allow people to choose how and when to invest. E 'was also the first is to make it easier to understand the system of clear and transparent, and the only one to give potential customers a full range of capital investment was afer a long career in marketing. France

Challenges of innovation.Thus, innovation is the only way to protect the insured for their consideration of this, some people may believe that the French market will be closed and unable to penetrate. It is not - although, clearly, a change that does not happen quickly to ensure France. It 'a very mature market that has evolved slowly, or even slow it took 20 years to reach 60% of the Bank on the market. However, this proportion has been stable for 10 years.At the same time will slow their evolution into something permanent. In highly competitive markets and products that can not be protected by trademark, copyright or license; edge tends to be less than the increase in marketing and customer relationship management is more important.Sophisticated marketing.This is the challenge of French insurance. Market is complicated because of the legal structure and the structure of the methods and traditions of France itself. Insurance France than any other activity is under the control of regulatory agencies in their countries where consumers have the power to grow and the government have long been looking for a new fee to cover the deficit because there is no real enthusiasm. by the French for a very high public spending.The evolution and revolution is in the long-term care products fully into account the long-term trends of society, the French bank to bank, mail and distribution to claim the cost of providing a joint. in customer service, change in business lines (such as the business becomes the business of custodian of the in-house banking services) for direct consumption or for the consequences of mergers and acquisitions across Europe in the domestic market
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